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Puncho, Large (For Large Parrots) and X-Large( for largest Macaws)

 Puncho, Large (For Large Parrots) and X-Large( for largest Macaws)
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This one is a personal favorite of our Blue and Gold Macaw, Betty Sue. When Betty Sue saw this toy for the first time, she literally said "Wow!" and that's exactly what your bird will say if your order this amazing work of art. At a whopping 36-inches long, the Puncho can keep the biggest chewer entertained for hours( This toy is suitable for XL birds such as Blue & Gold Macaws Military Macaws,Scarlet Macaws Green-winged Macaws Moluccan Cockatoos,Triton Cockatoos,Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoos).

As with all of the toys we carry, the Puncho is made with only the safest materials and with the highest standards of quality in mind. We settle for nothing but the best for our babies, and we put the same standards to work when selecting which toys we carry for you.

The Large (for large parrots(Amazons, Eclectus, Alexandrines, Umbrella Cockatoos, Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoos,Congo African Greys) (size is 24" long from quick link to end), and the price of the Large is only 30.99