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Super Bird Creations Orbiter Swing Toy for parrots sized quaker, conure, small cockatoo/ Mini Macaw- While supplies last, Birdie Bazaar price $26.99 (discontinued)********************************************** FREE SHIPPING COUPONS NOT VALID ON THIS ITEM; IF FREE SHIPPING COUPON IS USED AND IF order does go thru, the order will be canceled and have to be redone. Please understand that Free shipping (on heavier items, and orders requiring more than one shipment from various locations or suppliers) actually puts me in the red, so please understand that I still have to pay high shipping fees and even sometimes additional dropship fees, and cannot cover the cost of free shipping on heavier items, nor items that dropship from another location or supplier. Thanks for understanding.

**SuperBird ORBITER Swing Toy 10 x 13 Inches
**SuperBird ORBITER Swing Toy 10 x 13 Inches
Item# superbird-orbiter-swing-toy
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**SuperBird ORBITER Swing Toy 10 x 13 Inches
  IMPORTANT: Free shipping coupons are NOT applicable on this item- I do not stock this item in my store,-It Drop Ships directly from manufacturer and I have to pay shipping to have it drop-shipped to you. Thank you for understanding I will end up in the hole if I offer free shipping on this item

Orbiter 13" x 10" - UPC = 606919004452 - Super Bird Creations

WW Code: 145954 Birdie Bazaar Price: $26.99 (discontinued at DA; still available WW)

Orbiter 13" x 10" - UPC = 606919004452 - Super Bird Creations
WW Code: 145954
While supplies last: Birdie Bazaar Price: $26.84

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