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Starbird Coconutty Forager for Large & XL Birds
Starbird Coconutty Forager for Large & XL Birds
Item# starbird-coconutty-forager-for-large-amp-xl-birds
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Product Description

The Coconutty is a whole coconut with the skin, husk, and nut shell with the flesh re moved. There are tempting holes that go through the skin, husk and nut itself, offering the opportunity for different foods or sticks to be stuffed into them, or just let the shredding begin!  Prepare to sweep.

Your bird will be intrigued by the variations in color and the variety of materials to be chomped and chewed. Once the skin is off, there is the fibrous husk to work on, and then inside of that is yet another toy. The coconut shell with holes much like the Holeykamoly is the treasure within, and can be used in numerous ways. See the Holeykamoly for ideas. Two toys in one in the StarBird Coconutty.

Coconutty Forager 18" x 6" - UPC = 897300000270 - Starbird Parrot Products