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Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove™  RAIN & MUD SEASON IS HERE! BE PREPARED!! (Buy TWO and SAVE) ; buy four get free shipping with use of coupon
Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove™ RAIN & MUD SEASON IS HERE! BE PREPARED!! (Buy TWO and SAVE) ; buy four get free shipping with use of coupon
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Winner of APMMA (Best in Show 2004) and PET AGE (Product Excellence) awards


Buy FOUR gloves, and get free shipping with coupon code at checkout (code: 0shipping -(that is a zero at beginning) *free shipping code is only valid on purchase of FOUR gives, and not valid toward say it her products, so pls order different products in a separate louder, mot in this order, or order wiki not be valid if it her products included in same order with free shipping code applied to all, and will have to be redone if it her products added to this order

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Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove™ is the solution to the problem of wet, dirty dog paws. Before those messy paws track dirt into your home or automobile, or soil your clothing, use Spotless Paw to thoroughly clean and dry highest quality microfiber, is designed for use with either the right or left hand - AND either side can them. This soft, super-absorbent, (holds 600 times its weight) Unique six-fingered glove, manufactured of the be used, doubling the cleaning surface area. Hang Spotless Paw™ on your doorknob or handle, attach it to your belt loop, and stash one in your car. Spotless Paw™ is machine washer and dryer safe. Our microfibers special absorbent qualities allow the glove to be used over and over before washing.

Wipes paws clean without water

Dries quickly

Keep one in your car

Six fingers: use either side on either hand

Protects your hands

Removes loose hairs and reduces shedding

Works great on all sizes and breeds of dogs

Machine washable and dryable

Convenient Door Loop with Buckle

No More Muddy paws marking up your floors and upholstery

I also use TWO of them after a bath on my Tillie, to dry her up more quickly than towels- One on each hand.


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It rained yesterday, but the dog still had to go out. In fact, we took him to the dog park where he spent a wonderful hour romping in the wet snow. I took 2 spotless paws along and dried Bear off once he had jumped into the back seat. They worked a treat! Even dried between his toes. And drying his legs was soooooooooooooooo easy! What a wonderful product! We are just thrilled. Michael S. - Wauwatosa, WI ******

I recently bought a few Spotless Paws and gave two away as gifts; one to my aunt who has a white german shepherd and one to my future brother-in-law who just got a lab/mastiff mix pup. My aunt told me she just loves the Paw! Her shepherd is addicted to mud, and the glove makes cleaning easier & quicker, plus the dog enjoys it more. My brother-in-law said his pup actually looks forward to the Spotless Paw and wiggles all over in anticipation. They are both thrilled and very grateful. Thanks so much for making such a terrific product!! Emily F. - Dearborn Heights, MI ******

We love our Spotless Paw! I can't believe how quickly and easily it cleans my dog, Anni's paws. Ladona J. - Denver, CO ******

I LOVE my Spotless Paw!

My good friend gave me two Spotless Paw gloves for my birthday this past weekend and I love it! I have three large mixed breeds (all over 70 pounds) and every spring we go through the torture of dipping paws into bowls of water and wet towels everywhere. Not any more! I don't have to get upset about cleaning them off after a romp through the mud - this glove is wonderful! Robin W. - Syracuse, NY ******

Can I tell you that we think it is just about the greatest thing invented?! We have 3 large dogs, and in the spring our backyard turns into a muddy mess. We went through many towels wiping dogs feet, but no longer. Spotless Paw is an amazing product and we have told our friends with dogs about it also. Thank the inventor for us! -- Sincerely, Jeff & Lolly P. - McHenry, IL ******

I hired a dog trainer to come to my house to help me train my 8 month old Lab puppy. As a gift, he gave me your glove. It is the greatest thing I have ever used. This is why I purchased 3 more for family and friends. -- Lucille S. -Lake Barrington, IL ******

The glove arrived Saturday afternoon. I didn't see it until Sunday morning however. Sailor, my youngest Golden Retriever had been out 'excavating' in the backyard and when he appeared at the backdoor was MUD from head-to-toe! I thought "Wouldn't it be nice if that glove had arrived yesterday." At the same time I decided to go out and see what had come in Saturday's mail and to my amazement, the box was on my porch with the glove inside! I ripped into it like a kid on Christmas morning and cleaned my baby golden in just minutes. No pail of muddy water, no messy rags to contend with. The glove is incredible and I'm already passing it around to my dog-friends to give a try. So far it's a unanimous "Paws up!" from all of us! I'm even thinking of getting one for drying off the car after I wash it. Congratulations on developing and marketing a USEFUL pet product. Best Wishes for continued success! -- Mary A -Fond du Lac, WI ******

We love Spotless Paw! Our Aussie runs through snow, rain, and mud and comes back to us covered in filth. Spotless Paw removes the water from his undercoat and the dirt from his paws before he comes into the house. The Paw attaches easily to our belts so we often take it with us when we go to the park or when we take our dog for a hike. Spotless Paw has not failed us yet. -- David S - Hartford, CT. ******

I’ve been using my Spotless Paw glove on my dog’s dirty paws for months and have not had to wash it yet. What a wonderful product to keep my home clean. Thank you Spotless Paw. -- Michelle S. - Seattle, WA