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Planet Pleasures Star Foraging Box NOW SOLD OUT-DO NOT ORDER!

Planet Pleasures Star Foraging Box NOW SOLD OUT-DO NOT ORDER!
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Product Description

Planet Pleasures Star Foraging Box helps prevent feather picking by breaking your bird's boredom. This terrific bird toy provides several play options to keep birds busy with swinging, shredding and chewing activities! Veterinarian and breeder approved. Features layers of brightly colored woven ribbon mat and tassels to tease and entertain! This bird toy is all-natural, hand-made, earth friendly and pesticide free. It's parrot party time!

So much foraging fun, your bird will be seeing stars! The Star Foraging Box is made of recycled craft paper and stuffed with all-natural goodies like corn cobs, sisal, oyster shells and more. Durable, yet destructible, giving any size bird a foraging challenge that lasts all day. Measures approx. 5.5" wide and hangs 11" long. Suitable for Small to Large Birds:

Sized for: Small - Conure Quaker Medium - Small Cockatoo, Mini Macaw Large - Amazon, African Grey

Was $22.99; NOW $14.99