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NEKTON-S 35 Gm (75 and 150 GM also available)

NEKTON-S 35 Gm (75 and 150 GM also available)
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Product Description

NEKTON-S provides birds owners with a food supplement especially formulated to suit these needs. Its well-balanced composition of 13 vitamins, 18 free amino acids in the natural L form and minerals will help prevent deficiency diseases and increase the nutritional value of the diet.

NEKTON-S increases a birds resistance to disease and the pressures of molt, shows, acclimation, etc., as well as improving its productivity, especially during breeding.

Give daily to ensure your birds good health. Simply add to soft food or birds drinking water.

Because of the all-round beneficial effect of NEKTON-S, aviculturists, bird parks and zoological gardens have chosen it as a daily supplement for their birds for years with success.

NEKTON-S has been used successfully for years by bird owners, zoos and zoological gardens and above all by breeders. Time and time again it has proved its value in counteracting the effects of the molt, re-caging, illness and medical treatment as well as in improving resistance to disease. I have found this supplement very helpful during stressful times for our own birds. In every case where a bird has begun to pluck off feathers, this supplement has helped in a very short period of time.

Nekton-S can be used dissolved in the birds water, but some who have used this item professionally recommend punching a few holes in the foil seal and using the bottle as a "shaker" to add to the bird's food. They also suggest that the food be something moist so the supplement will stick to the food (not seeds).

Available in three sizes: (Choose from drop-down menue above, and add + amount to base amount to see price you will pay) 35 Gm-$14.99; 75