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Lined Doggie Rain Boots - in Red or Black- (Price Varies with Size-click size box for info)

Lined Doggie Rain Boots - in Red  or Black- (Price Varies with Size-click size box for info)
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Choose Color and Size in Click Box ABOVE (PRICE VARIES WITH SIZE OF BOOT- BASE PRICE (9.99)IS FOR SMALLEST SIZES. NOTE the (+ amount), and add that dollar amount to the base amount of 9.99 for the price of your dog boot size.

Measuring your dogs feet for boots is very easy and simple. Measuring your dogs for these little boots is very simple; all you need is a good measuring tape or ruler. Take your dogs paw and start the measuring tape or ruler right underneath the nails at one end of the paw and measure down the base of the paw. If, for example, your dogs foot is 1 ½ inches long, he would be a size XS shoe according to most bootie sizing charts. Remember not to include the toenails unless they are exceptionally long, and if they are really long you should trim them. That is all you need to do to get the right size of shoe

To measure the dog’s pads, front and back, including nails. If necessary, trace the paw outline on a piece of paper. Use the chart below to select the correct size (the breed recommendations below are for guidance only and are not an alternative to measuring up.

Measuring Paw Width Have your dog stand on a firm surface (wood, linoleum, or concrete). Place a piece of blank paper under a front paw. Lift the dogs other front paw so that its weight is placed firmly on the paw being measured. Mark the paper at the paws widest point on the left and right edges of the paw . Use a ruler to measure the width of the paw (in inches) from the left mark to the right mark. Use the chart to determine the proper size. For example: if the width is measured between 2.25 and 2.5inches, the dog would wear a small boot; between 2.75 and 3.0 inches , a large.

size paw width† XXS 2.0 inches 51 mm XS 2.25 " 57 mm S 2.5 " 64 mm M 2.75 " 70 mm L 3.0 " 76 mm XL 3.25 " 83 mm XXL 3.75 " 95 mm

† width: measurement across widest part of paw,when bearing weight performance fit: contoured, athletic cut in-between sizes: Choose the larger boot for comfort and performance.