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Currently NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL I FIND ANOTHER SUPPLIER (CURRENT VENDOR UNRELIABLE) WE ARE NOT AN ARTIST SUPPLY STORE,( in spite of the fact that often artists will order these cuttlebones.) We cannot guarantee size shape unbroken condtion This product is meant for PARROTS to chew up, and cannot be guaranteed to be a specific length, nor arrive without some breakage. (Parrots do not care if they are broken. These are NOT marketed as supplies to use for artistic purposes by customers who need then individual bones to be a certain shape, size or condition MUST SHIP UPS DUE TO THE BREAKABLITY OF CUTTLEBONE (pls do not choose USPS)

Cuttlebones Bulk Box- 5 lb -NOT Available currently
Cuttlebones Bulk Box- 5 lb -NOT Available currently
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Cuttlebone Bulk Box - 5 lb - usually approximately 6 8 INCHES IN LENGTH EACH ( but not always) You must be willing to receivef whatever size, shape and condtion cuttlebones you get, as we cannot make guaratees ofn this product (whi h is shipped out directly from my supplier)- I do not physically see the product at all before it is shifpped out to the customer purchasing them.

- 5 lb

These are only available by the 5 Lb bulk box- not as individual cuttlebone


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