Supplies for Parrots and Pups, many of which are not available at your local "Big Box" petstore. If you need something you do not see here, just email me or call me and I will do my best to get it for you at the best available price. Personable Customer Service is my forte.
A NOTE ABOUT PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT Many items are not stocked in my location "in -house", but instead, I must source each product that is not stocked at my location from various manufacturers and distributors, and then have that product "drop-shipped" to you (after I pay the distributor or manufacturer myself for those items PLUS "drop-ship" fees AND shipping (often from multiple suppliers requring multiple shipping charges on multiple shipments from different countries locations to get them to you and most suppliers use the more costly UPS shipping method (not the less expensive USPS Parcel Post method that you may have paid in your checkout process on my site.)Add to that, sometimes one customer's order placed on this website will entail my sourcing products made by various different MULTIPLE sources, each of which will charge me a SEPARATE drop-ship fee AND a separate shipping fee (all of which can add up to a lot of shipping cost (in total) if it becomes necessary to source your desired items from different suppliers shipping separate packages to you for me. nd those different product itemsin that customer's order must be sourced by me FROM MULTIPLE suppliers, and this can add up to a high amount of shipping charges, plus drop-ship charges that I will be charged to have your items shipped to you (often from more than one source-each woth a separate shipping fee and drop-ship fee, which the product source will charge to too me before your items(s_ can be shipped out to you. ) Therefore,shipping charges on a large order from you, (of varied manufacturer's products) will often put me in the hole, just in the shipping charges and drop-+ship charges alone, If you are only charged one modest "Parcle Post" shipping charge on your Birdie Bazaar checkout. Therefore, I "0MAY" need to alter your our charge. After the fact or sometimes even cancel your order, (if the end result of my sourcing your desired products results in a huge amount of shipping fees from various suppliers to fulfill your order (unless you are willing to pay the added shipping charges required to fulfill all the items in your order from multiple suppliers) Please understand that this is beyond my control, and PART of what I am providing to you fin exchange for your payment when you you order from me, is a SERVICE- that of sourcing for you those "hard to locate" specialty parrot supplies that are not typically able to be found at your local "Big Box Pet Supplies Store".) ALSO, BECAUSE PARROT SUPPLIES/ PRODUCTS ARE A "NICHE MARKET", OCCASIONALLY A PRODUCT listed on my site WILL BE DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER,(WITHOUT MY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE) -- A MANUFACTURER MAY DISCONTINUE OR STOP SALES OF A PRODUCT FOR MANY DIFFERENT REASONS, OR EVEN JUST BECAUSE THE MANUFACTURERS ARE NOT SELLING ENOUGH OF THEM TO AFFORD TO KEEP PRODUCING THAT PRODUCT. Therefore, sometimes an item is listed here on my site as available, (meaning that I can do the work to locate it (source it) to GET IT for you, not necessarily that I have it in stock "in house" myself) -although I do stock some otems "in-house", many items are drop shipped to my customers by varous suppliers, whom will often charge me higher shipping and drop-ship fees than you were charged in the checkout process on thisa website shopping cart. ALSO even though a product is listed on my site as "orderable", SOMETIMES, (because parrot supplies are a "niche" market, and no one selling them is going to sell enough volume to really be able to make much (if any) profit, therefore, sometimes unexpectedly a manufacturer will go out of business without warning, or sometimes a specific product does not sell enough volume to be profitable, and then that product may be discontinued by the manufacturer for that reason, but I often have not been notified that it has been discontinued, and thus no longer available (and it may still be listed on my website as orderable (because I do not know that the manufacturer has suddenly discontinued that product. This can result in disappointment because I will have to cancel and refund that part of the order of a product has been discontinued and in those cases, is no longer available. In these occasional instances, I apologize in advance for the inconvenience or disappointment that the manufacturer;s sudden discontinuance of a product or it's availability causes; but in those cases, sometimes I am able to find you a suitable substitution, (for which, of course, I would notify you in advance, and get your permission to substitute in advance) Please be forgiving if a product you want to order becomes unavailable or is simply discontinued by the manufacturer, as I have no control over when a manufacturer discontinues an item and does not notify all of its distributors, including myself. In any case, I will do my best to help you get what you need. Please do not leave negative review comments on my website reviews if this type of product discontinuance happens, as I have no control over a product being discontinued suddenly by the manufacturer. Please keep all of the above in mind when ordering, and also when being charged shipping fees which may be larger than you would prefer. Some of those charges may be compensating for my extensive work to let ocate an item from among multiple suppliers or to compensate for additional shipping fees and drop-ship fees which I must pay to (sometimes multiple) suppliers before they will ship the product to you. I will do my best to find you what you need within the limitations of the above situations.