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Fully Wired and Installed in Small Birch Nestbox Video Camera-

Fully Wired and Installed in Small Birch Nestbox Video Camera-
Item# fully-wired-and-installed-in-small-birch-nestbox-video-camera
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Product Description

Hawk Eye Video Camera alone (not installed in nestbox) (3lbs.) SRP $95, Birdie Bazaar Price: $89.99 SKU: HEVC The Hawk Eye is a color cam, with infrared night vision, built in microphone, and a weather shield so it can be used inside and out. Comes fully wired with 100' RCA (audio-, video-in) cable. Although the image is color, be aware that colors inside a birdhouse will be muted. Originally designed for bird watching, customers are using it to keep an eye on breeding pet parrots without interrupting the parents. Camera is already wired. You can buy the camera alone and install in your own nestbox for 89.99, OR you can order the SKU:BBHE SKU:BBHE is a one-size-fits all for very small birds) birdhouse. With a 4" x 4" floor it will be a welcome home to a majority of smaller birds Made of durable Eastern white pine. It comes fitted with a slate squirrel guard. Comes with Infrared Hawk Eye Nature Cam installed for 149.99 This is the easiest solution-already wired. Or you can order the camera itself and install it in your own nestbox yourself for $89.99