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Flagstone Corner Perch XL Only ONE LEFT

Flagstone Corner Perch XL Only ONE LEFT
Item# flagstone-corner-perch-xl-only-one-left
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Product Description

Flagstone Corner Perch XL (9 inch) ONLY ONE THIS SIZE LEFT! DO NOT ORDER MORE THAN ONE!! $38.95 Keep in mind they come in all shapes. We will always do our best to send them to you as close as possible to this size. Each perch comes ready to be inserted into your birds cage. They come supplied with 2 large washers and wing nut [nickle plated and zinc free] for each threaded stud that is cemented into the perch with a completely nontoxic cement. Keep in mind that all of our Perches come right from Mother Nature. We will always do our best to send them to you as close as possible to the size you order. The way we measure is if a perch fits in the size of the box in the diagram shown then that is the size. They most likely will not be a perfect fit. Please keep in mind they will come in all different shapes.The configuration of them depends on her, Mother Nature, not us! Benefits of a Flagstone Perch Flagstone Perches are an excellent Pedicure Perch by keeping your birds nails and beak trim all the while giving your aviary or cage a whole new "Natural" look! We have researched what would be best for your birds feet, nails and beaks. These perches are gentle on their feet yet will keep their nails and beaks trimmed down. They offer a place of rest for your Feathered Friend that they typically do not get in a cage enviroment. Think about it, is there something in your birds cage right now that gives them the opportunity to just sit and rest their feet muscles? If not then you should be ordering one or more of these right now! If they are having to constantly clench their feet muscles to stay in place, you need to get them on a FlagStone Perch. Let them get some well deserved rest! Place the Perch in the proper location in their cage and you will find them sleeping on them every night, all night! A perch that will never wear out!