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Easy Ride Paw Porch (tm) For your Family Dog!

Easy Ride Paw Porch (tm) For your Family Dog!
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Product Description

A Porch for your dog's paws while riding in your car Easy Ride Paw Porch

Protects Car Interior-Provides Stable Ride

The average interior door panel is only 1.5 inches wide. This narrow surface forces your pet to put its weight on the front half of its paws. Every time you hit a bump your dog falls off and every time you turn, your dog slides across the door interior. Just stopping and starting can cause your pet to slip off of the door panel and scratch your interior.

Buy 2 one for each side!

Length: 18 inches Width: 3 inches Height: 2 1/4 inches Weight: 10 ounces Item Number ERPP Made in America Patent Pending

When you are on the highway the wide paw platform allows your pet to stand back and enjoy the view without being pressed up against the window. It can also be used with a variety of safety harnesses. So, when you must roll the windows up you can still Let them Ride in comfort !

The Paw Porch was designed to withstand extreme temperatures and excessive use. It is made of very strong durable plastic that will last a lifetime.

If You Let Them Ride - Make it an Easy Ride!

The Easy Ride Paw Porch is easy to install ! Simply insert it into the vehicle window channel between the glass and the interior door panel. The rubber seal will hold it firmly in place and will allow the window to roll up and down as needed. The cushioned paw platform has a nonskid traction surface that will help your dog get a grip. With the Paw Porch your pet will have solid footing when you start, stop, turn or hit a bump.

Regular Price $14.95 SALE PRICE $11.95