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EarthSafe Love My Birdie Litter

EarthSafe Love My Birdie Litter
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EarthSafe Love My Birdie Litter
**EarthSafe Love My Birdie Litter com sin 15 lb or 45 Lb and is drop shipped from NC warehouse via UPS only (free shipping coupons do NOT apply to this product)

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This sensational new litter is the environmentally safe solution for your companion bird. It is produced from all natural wood which neutralizes odor and keeps floor dry making it safer and healthier.

  • Great for baby birds - safe bedding and firm footing reduces splayed feet
  • Vet Tested and recommended by animal organizations nationally
  • People friendly (Dust-free, odor-free, Non-toxic, less cleanup)
  • Odor free "Pine freshness" reduces unwanted odors
  • Great for travel (Longer lasting, less storage space)
  • No chemicals (Non-toxic to animals and humans)
  • Recyclable (Use as Yard mulch when removed)
  • 100% recycled wood products (Pure sawdust)
  • Pour in and out - don't pick up soiled paper
  • Ingestation is no threat to animal welfare
  • 100% Biodegradable (septic tank safe)
  • Reduces threat of aspergilosis
  • Excellent for all cage animals
  • Safer than corn cob
  • Dries quickly
Unlike other products available for bird litter in either non-absorbent or very absorbent forms (like the paper products) which smell bad instantly, Luv My Birdie will draw out the moisture from bird droppings and then let the moisture evaporate very quickly. As the moisture leaves so does the smell - and - the ability for the litter bed to sustain mold development is reduced significantly, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory infection to birds.
Luv My Birdie is safe because when exposed to moisture it breaks down into smaller particles, so if it is ingested, instead of swelling and becoming larger and blocking the internal workings of your bird, it safely passes through your bird. This breakdown into smaller particles is also the reason why it dries so quickly. Even moisture from the water cup is quickly taken up and then released into the atmosphere leaving a sawdust-like material that continues to neutralize smell. Corn cob on the other hand, when exposed to moisture, actually swells and gets bigger, creating a dangerous situation for birds if they ingest it, killing many. This same physical change in corn cob acts as a reservoir for moisture. Like water in the center of a large sponge, it does not dry out fast enough to prevent the establishment and growth of mold, thus the bad smell and threat of respiratory infection to your bird.
The single most important factor in the use of this product is to stir the material so that all droppings and damp material are mixed to assure full contact with Luv My Birdie. Properly used, Luv My Birdie will reduce cage odor to nothing and litter cost to just a fraction of the cost of other litter - PLUS - maintain a dry, healthy, and safe environment for your bird.