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CraZyDog Train-Me! Reward Treats- 3 Flavors
CraZyDog Train-Me! Reward Treats- 3 Flavors
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Product Description

CraZyDog Train-Me! Reward Treats. Available in three mouth-watering flavors; chicken, liver and bacon. Each Train-Me! variety contains 60% real meat. Bite size treats are perfect for repetitive rewards required during the training process, but small enough they can be given repeatedly as behavioral-reinforcers, without overtaxing delicate stomachs. 3.52 ounces per bag.

These treats are ideal for training your dog to our Underground Dog Fences or Wireless Dog Fences.

How to Use Training Treats

Training is the single most important ingredient to assure that your pet is successfully contained with your new PetSafe Pet Fence. It is not uncommon after a couple of days of training for your pet to appear as though he understands the boundaries, this however is not the case. The ability of a pet to learn and retain what they have learned is very different from that of a human. With pets it is about conditioning the pet to remember by marking a moment in time over and over again. Training treats and positive reinforcement are the best way to accomplish this. It is only through repetition and positive reinforcement of the proper behaviors that your pet will learn its boundaries and stay contained within your new PetSafe Pet Fence.

When your Underground or Wireless Pet Fence arrives it will include instructions on how to train your pet. The following basic guidelines will supplement those instructions and help assure that this training is done in the most effective way possible. These guidelines are not meant to be used as the sole method of training, only to supplement the training that is included in your pet fence. Please read the training instructions that come with your pet fence in their entirety.

Prior to beginning training feed your pet some Training Treats so that they immediately recognize them during actual training as something they like.

PHASE 1 Flag Training

During this phase of training the pet fence is turned off, and your pet will wear the receiver collar. You will have training flags placed every 10 feet around your boundary. Have your pet on a six foot or longer training lead and take him to the boundary. While in the safe zone at least 6 feet away from the training flags give your pet a Training Treat and some pats and hugs saying "good boy/girl". Next put a treat to their nose to smell it and throw it past the training flags. The dog will try to get the treat. DO NOT allow them to get it! When they reach the flags pull back firmly on the lead and say "NO" and lead your pet back into the "Safe Zone" once there give them a Training Treat and lots of love saying "Good Boy/Girl" Repeat this over and over around the entire boundary 15 minutes a day for 3 days.

This helps establish a basic understanding of the boundary for your pet. The Training Treats are vital because they help mark that moment in time and reinforce the proper behaviors.

PHASE 2 Correction Training

During Phase two of training you will have the system turned on and your pet will experience an actual correction from the containment system and collar. You will do everything exactly the same as you did in PHASE 1 of training, only you will feed your pet a Training Treat and then throw one into the "Correction" zone. Allow your pet to go into the "Correction" zone DO NOT allow them to get the treat you have thrown there. When he receives the correction pull him back and give him a treat and a lot of "Good Boy's". The reason you throw a treat into the "Correction" zone is to teach the pet that no matter what they see outside of the safe zone…it is not OK to go after it. This phase lasts 10 minutes a day for 3 days.

More than ever Training Treats play a vital role in training. The initial corrections will make your pet uneasy. By giving him a training treat and praise he will not only get over it quickly, he will remember the moment and be more effectively trained to the system.

The type of Training Treat that you use is very important. If you use anything too big it will satisfy your pets needs to quickly and will not drive him to continue his training. You also risk the pet becoming sick from over eating during the training sessions. If the treat is not desirable enough you risk your pet ignoring it.

Our treats are specifically designed and formulated for effective training. They are semi-moist and highly aromatic, immediately appealing to your pet sense of smell. They are also small enough that they will whet your pets appetite without satisfying their hunger or limiting their need for more. They also will not make your pet sick from over indulgence.