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CH00SE SIZE FROM DROP-DOWN MENU AVAILABLE IN SMALL SIZE AND LARGE SIZE (add'l cost for large size - see below for descriptions of each size and different cost of each size)

Cozy Clam Shell Perch, Small size (Also avail in LG)
Cozy Clam Shell Perch, Small size (Also avail in LG)
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Product Description

Product Description

Pollys Comfy Clam Small

A best-seller in the Polly's line for the health and comfort of your bird.

*This edible perch contains essential calcium, iodine and kelp.

*This is truly a comfortable perch, as a bird can rest his entire foot pad it.

*Can be used vertically or horizontally. Small size is 4 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches x 2 inches thick.

 The Polly’s Comfy Clam Flat Parrot Perch are made with calcium; an important mineral source supporting healthy bones and feathering and kelp; a source for essential trace minerals including iodine which supports normal thyroid function. The flat mineral perches are completely edible and have a shell shape to distribute your bird’s weight over their whole foot area for maximum comfort. The perch may be installed horizontally or vertically and easily attaches to the cage with the included wing nut. Small is ideal for Parakeets, Cockatiels and Conures. Large is made for Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws. Made in USA.

THIS IS A HUGE THICK CLAM Product Dimensions: 4 x7.5 x 8.5 inches ; 12.8 ounces Weight OF LARGE SIZE: 2.2 pounds (higher shipping weight reflected also in higher cost of large size)

Judy's Observations using this large size with my own CAG:
(this Clam Shell perch is larger than I thought it would be.)
 It tightens well to the cage. The grooves in this perch seem like they will provide a good firm grip for him once he get's used to it so he won't feel like he will fall off. Big enough
 for large birds.- 

Update: my 25 year old CAG uses this perch every night. It as been a great addition to his cage, (even with extra cost for size, weight and shipping, it is well worth it for the extra health benefits of healthier varied surface for foot health; extra health benefits and enrichment activity of calcium for chewing on, boredom preventive (also whenever he is away from cage on his playstand elsewere, and his cage door is open, my teils or lovebirds can fly to it and flock to it, to nibble at the calcium source. It is also Great that you can flip it over to refresh sides. Highly recommend, this personally -(THESE ARE MY OWN PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS WITH MY OWN 25 YEAR OLD CONGO AFRICAN GREY (TIP: IF YOUR BIRD IS RELUCTANT TO USE IT TO SLEEP,TRY PLACING IT IN THE LOCATION  OF THE CAGE WHERE HE USUALLY

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 PPP51038 -LG