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Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty

Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty
Item# clean-go-pet-indoor-dog-potty
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Product Description

Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty

Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Pottys are the convenient way for dogs to relieve themselves in the house. This indoor dog potty is specially scented to encourage use. An easy-clean design.

Now pets can relieve themselves indoors without ruining floors, carpets and furniture. Mat and tray design collects liquids for easy disposal. Holds up to two gallons.When pet eliminates on the potty, liquids will drain through the Mat and Drainage Grid and be collected in the Floor Tray for easy disposal.To prevent spills when cleaning, you may want to line the floor tray with Clean Go Pet Puppy Pads, newspapers or paper towels.

Ideal for Apartment balconys, Patio's, Little or No yard area's. Replacement mats are also available.

Measures 20 in L x 30 in W

cg-indr-ptty Suggested Retail $227.99 SALE Price 198.99