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Budget Small Parakeet cage-put one in every room you carry your bird

Budget Small Parakeet cage-put one in every room you carry your bird
Item# budget-small-parakeet-cageput-one-in-every-room-you-carry-your-bird
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Product Description

Lets be clear, This is a VERY cheap little wire and plastic cage, not meant for permanent housing, except for the smallest of birds

PPerfect to take your birdie on a visit or as a temporary holding cage. I use several of them on a modified dog stroller (I modified the stroller by removing the cloth dog carrier part, and I line up three of them on the deck and take my cockatiel, conure and grey all on a walk around the neighborhood daily when I take my dog for a walk!! The birds really enjoy the quiet relaxing stimulation, especially when they start to get a little cranky and squacky --then I just take them for a walk and they quiet right down and are mesmerized by the walk, and they love the stimulation of passersby, stopping to talk to or pet them.

This Budget Small Parakeet Cage Ideal for temporary -room to room use I don't recommend such a small cage for full-time living, but these are great to just have a visiting cage in every room you may bring your bird into Instead of lugging the larger cage from room to room as you bring your bird along to do your daily tasks, put one in every room you carry your bird into!

OR USE AS A temporary holding cage for small bird WHILE YOU ARE CLEANING THE LARGER CAGE--VERY HANDY!! Get two and save! These come in various colors- you may make a color choice in the comments section (pls list your first, second and third choice, please) and I will try to match it to that color if we have it in stock.) - 11" x 9" x 16"

Assorted colors $14.95 each or Two for $24.95