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**Booda Comfy Perch Medium 14 Inch (also Large 28 Inch available at higher cost THERE ARE MANY MORE PERCH SIZES AVAILABLE THAN ARE SHOWN HERE- IF YOU DONT SEE YOUR SIZE OR STYLE, EMAIL ME AND I WILL GET IT FOR YOU AND SET UP A BUY LINK FOR YOUR PRODUCT IMPORTANT NOTE:SOME ITEMS (NOT ALL-JUST THE ONES NOTED WITH**) DROP SHIP DIRECTLY FORM SUPPLIER (SEPARATE SHIPPING FORM REST OF ORDER) THEREFORE, IMPORTANT NOTE; FREE SHIPPING COUPONS NOT VALID ON THIS ITEM; IF FREE SHIPPING COUPON IS USED AND IF order does go thru, the order will be canceled and have to be redone. Please understand that Free shipping (on heavier items, and orders requiring more than one shipment from various locations or suppliers) actually puts me in the red, so please understand that I still have to pay high shipping fees and even sometimes additional dropship fees, and cannot cover the cost of free shipping on heavier items, nor items that dropship from another location or supplier. Thanks for understanding.

**Booda Comfy Perch Medium 14 Inch (also Large 28 Inch available at higher cost)
**Booda Comfy Perch Medium 14 Inch (also Large 28 Inch available at higher cost)
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Product Description

All birds love the feel of a Comfy Perch! Comfy Perches are cotton rope-covered perches that you can bend and twist to create interesting perch shapes for your bird. They are even known to help relieve cage stress and boredom as well as feather picking. The plastic screw bolts at each end of the perch allow you to attach it anywhere on any wire cage.

The Medium Comfy Perch is 14 inches long with a diameter of approximately 7/8 inch.

The Large BOODA Comfy Perch is 28 inches long, with a diameter of 1.25 Inches (Suitable for Macaws and other large parrots)

Other sizes are also available for order; email for pricing for other sizes