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Use this sprayer with plain or purified water OR with AVIAN RX spray (avian RX spray can be found here: )

Bird Mister - 16 oz
Bird Mister - 16 oz
Item# bird-mister--16-oz-made-by-the-company-that-makes-poop-o16
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Product Description

Bird Mister - 16 oz 9.5" x 2.5" - UPC = 796749958794 - Another Day Ltd. eMPTY sprayer- add your own water, purified or Avian rx electrolzed alkaline ph water to spray your bird with safe, chemical-free water "Bring the rain forest to your bird!" trigger spray handle delivers a Super-fine mist (as opposed to push button tops that squirt erratically and sometimes too directly for the bird comfo0rt)