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This item is shipped directly to customer by my supplier- it is not carried "in house" cage manufacturer has been taken over. By a new manufacturer - Now made by Midwest Homes for Pets

Midwest Homes for Pets  Poqito Travel Hotel  1/2  inch Bar Spacing 1/8 inch  Gauge
Midwest Homes for Pets Poqito Travel Hotel 1/2 inch Bar Spacing 1/8 inch Gauge
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Product Description

New description from. We manufacturer, Midwest Homes for Pets

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About this item Features State-of-the-art bird cage provides classy, safe traveling accommodations Beautiful jewel-toned textured ruby color for platinum finish (choose finish color above) Wooden perch handle offers fun and exercise Easy no-nuts and bolts assembly Includes perch, outside-access food cups, and bird-5proof door lock 2 stainless steel food cups Cotton rope perch inside and wooden handle perch outside Product Details Department: Pet Manufacturer: Midwest Homes for Pets Manufacturer reference: 1705001204 Product Dimensions: 14 x 18 x 14 inches; 22.2 pounds Shipping Weight: 22.2 pounds ASIN: B0018CDYVG

Classy temporary lodging solution for traveling birds. This state-of-the-art cage is intended to house birds over a weekend, giving them sturdy, safe, roomy accommodations. The Poquito is also ideal as a sleeping cage, for use in an RV, for short-term travel or boarding,Bring-Your-Bird-To-Work-Day, short-term outdoor use for healthy sunlight exposure, or for natural disaster emergency evacuations. The rooftop offers a fun out of cage experience using the wooden perch handle (not pictured). This cage is constructed of the same solid materials as our Nina model but in a smaller, hotel room version. Compartmentalized travel tote bag is available (sold separately) for easy transport. This highly innovative cage contains many of the features we are known for: * Easy on Nuts and Bolts assembly * Beautiful Jewel-toned colors (Ruby and Platinum) * Bird Proof Door Locks * Outside access food cups Includes two stainless steel food cups, a cotton rope perch, and a wooden handle (not pictured) that doubles as a perch on the rooftop. Ideal for small to medium sized birds.

* An ideal travel cage for your bird - all the comforts of his regular cage without the bulk
* Features knockdown design for convenient storage and easy assembly - no nuts or bolts needed
* Perch handle is comfortable on the hand and provides an out-of-the cage play area

A sturdy cage designed to be your bird's "home away from home." Revolutionary Poquito Avian Hotel makes it easier than ever to travel with your bird. This sturdy cage gives your bird the comforts of his regular cage, in a smaller, lightweight, easy-to-assemble knockdown design. Designed for use upon arrival to your destination - simply setup the Hotel, remove your bird from his carrier and place him inside the Hotel. Perch handle and slide-out tray double as a playtop - simply place tray on cage top. Front lever holds removable grate and tray in place. Ideal for short-term housing (not recommended for more than one week), emergency evacuations, short-term outdoor use for healthy sunlight exposure, boarding, vacations, and as a sleep cage. Not intended for in-car use. 1/2" bar spacing. Please specify color.

Includes: 2 stainless steel cups with outside access, 1 cotton rope perch & 1 natural wood playtop perch.
Size: Inside: 18" x 14-1/4" x 15-1/4" high; Outside: 19-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 22-3/4" high.

Assembly Instructions:
Unwrap and remove all parts from the box. Keep the box and all packing materials until the cage is fully assembled and inspected. In case of return or exchange, failure to return product in similar condition as received could result in limited reimbursement. Check to insure you have all of the following parts:

  • Front Panel
  • Back Panel
  • Side Panel without Doors
  • Side Panel w/two Doors
  • Top Grate
  • Four Latches
  • Perch Handle
  • Bottom Grate
  • Bottom Tray
  • Rope Perch
  • Two Cupholders
  • Two Cups
  • Metal Lever & Install Screw & Spring
  • Bottle of Touch-up Paint

Cage Assembly:

  1. On the bottom interior of both the FRONT and BACK PANELS there are two small prongs jutting up. Take the FRONT PANEL and either of the two SIDE PANELS and insert the hollow square tube at the bottom of the SIDE PANEL onto the top of one of the prongs.
  2. Once that has been done you can insert the small arm at the top interior of the FRONT PANEL into the sleeve located on the interior of the SIDE PANEL you have been working with. While holding the FRONT PANEL and SIDE PANEL together, take the BACK PANEL and insert the second hollow square tube on the bottom of the SIDE PANEL you have been working with onto the corresponding BACK PANEL lower prong.
  3. Once that has been done you can insert the small arm at the top interior of the BACK PANEL into the sleeve located on the interior of the SIDE PANEL you have been working with. With 3 of the PANELS now connected, take the remaining SIDE PANEL and hook each of the bottom hollow square tubes on the SIDE PANEL into the corresponding FRONT PANEL and BACK PANEL prongs.
  4. Once that has been done you can insert the small arms at the top interior of the FRONT and BACK PANELS into the sleeves located on the interior of this second SIDE PANEL you have been working with.
  5. After the four primary panels are together, take the TOP GRATE with its four pairs of "feet" facing downward, and fit the four pairs of feet into the square tubes at the top of the four PANELS.
  6. Unscrew the balls on the LATCHES so that they are completely separated from the long portion of the LATCH. Take the long portion of the LATCH with the spring on the right side and insert it into any of the latch housings. Hold the LATCH inside the housing until you can see the threaded hole where the ball should be screwed in. Take the ball and screw it back into the threaded hole. Repeat for the other three LATCHES.
  7. To attach the PERCH HANDLE, align it so that its connector pieces are facing downward and are in the center of the TOP GRATE. The PERCH HANDLE is attached by slipping the connector piece's round hole over the screw on the center of each side panel. PLEASE NOTE: There are two positions the PERCH HANDLE can be used in. When carrying/picking up the POQUITO by its PERCH HANDLE, the PERCH HANDLE slides upward in the connector so that the cage can be safely carried without separating from the cage. When the cage is immobile and the PERCH HANDLE is used as a play area, the PERCH HANDLE should be pushed downward so that it "locks." This allows your bird to sit on top of it without the PERCH HANDLE moving around.
  8. Take the BOTTOM GRATE and slide it into the upper rail tracks.
  9. Take the BOTTOM TRAY and slide it into the lower rail tracks.
  10. Install the ROPE PERCH by unscrewing both ends of it, fitting the small slots on each exposed end of the ROPE PERCH in between any bar on the cage and then re-screwing the ends of the ROPE PERCH back on to it, but via the exterior of the cage.
  11. Install the CUPHOLDERS by fitting the four "feet" on the CUPHOLDERS into the four hollow tubes on the interior of the SIDE PANEL w/TWO DOORS.
  12. Install the CUPS by opening the food doors and sliding the CUPS into the CUPHOLDERS.
  13. Assemble the METAL LEVER, and its installation SCREW and SPRING. Take the SCREW, fit the METAL LEVER over/onto it, and then fit the SPRING over the SCREW as well. When it is one complete piece, then screw the entire METAL LEVER assembly into the hole on the lower part of the FRONT PANEL. The METAL LEVER, when it is in the "Down" position, is designed to hold the BOTTOM TRAY and BOTTOM GRATE in place. When the BOTTOM TRAY and BOTTOM GRATE need to be removed, simply push the METAL LEVER to the side.

1/2 inch Bar Spacing 1/8 inch Gauge

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 14 inches X 18inches X14 inches