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18 " round cage liners made by Cage Catchers Quantity 500 liners:

18 " round cage liners made by Cage Catchers Quantity 500 liners:
Item# 18-quot-round-cage-liners-made-by-cage-catchers-quantity-500-l18500

Product Description

18 " round, (very lightly waxed to resist soaking through and spilling all over your clean floor.) The wax is hardly noticeable. The wax is embedded into the paper, (not a thick wax coating) It is like the kind you would get in a basket of take out food at the fair, the wax keeps the liners from soaking and breaking apart, (it is not heavily waxed like Cut Rite Kitchen wax paper.) This cage liner paper is safe and hygienic, and the white makes it easier to monitor droppings for signs of illness.

500 cage liners made by Cage Catchers: $81.20 PLUS UPS shipping * which varies according to your zipcode. I will need both your desired quantity and your zipcode to give you a rough estimate for shipping charges, but react shipping will not be computed until your desired quantity is custom cut, packaged and then weighed. Then that weight will be calculated for your zipcode when ready to ship out to your location from Michigan. These are custom-cut to your size specification at the manufacturer in Michigan, then your liners are shipped via UPS. Because your package isn't able to be weighed get, your shipping charge right now is an estimated shipping charge. You will possibly receive a separate shipping invoice OR shipping Credit once your liners are actually finished being custom-cut, packaged and weighed to ship to your zipcode.