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18" round cage liners made by Cage Catchers Quantity 150 liners:

18" round cage liners made by Cage Catchers Quantity 150 liners:
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Product Description

18 inch round cage liners made by Cage Catchers, Quantity: 150 liners:

Cage Catchers™ is a brand name for a paper liner that is not only custom-cut to size needed, but also lightly waxed on one side which makes it better that newspaper since the waxed surface deters moisture absorption. This not only is healthier for your bird but helps protect cage trays from excessive moisture which often leads to metal tray damage. Cage Catchers come in many sizes and can even be custom cut to your specifications. A wallet-friendly alternative to paper, they make cleaning your cage easy and pain free. Cage Catchers, like paper, harbor little possibility for mold and give little opportunity for unwanted bacteria to fester.

About the liners_: Cage Catcher liners are very lightly waxed, hypoallergenic and will not harm your bird if accidentally ingested.

Cage Catcher Liners have many benefits over using other bedding or litter

BENEFITS: Allow you to closely monitor your bird's droppings for signs of illness No more soaked-through porous paper that breaks apart, spilling debris all over your clean floor Give you dust-free, easier cleaning and changing of litter tray Available in almost any custom cut size to fit your cage tray perfectly, with no extra edges and corners sticking out, especially good for round cages where finding paper to fit nearly is impossible, this looks so much neaterand easier too when you stack a weeks worth in the tray and just remove the top one when soiled and your next liner is already placed.